“Maximum quality from all points of view”

The best raw materials

Pharmadus selects its suppliers at source to have only the best plants following pharmacopoeil quality, and constantly monitors its products with quality audits. We only use organic herbs that meet our standards for high quality.

Our plants are submitted for the concientius removal of any insects using high pressure and heat sterilization anti-bacterial processes to guarantee the complete absence of contaminants.

Leading edge technology

One of the core activities of Pharmadus laboratories is Reseach and Development. For this purpose we are proud to operate the most modern facilities equipped with the lastest technology and experts in new products development and innovative control systems.

Exhaustive process control

Our facilities and processes have been designed to guarantee the finished products at all times, avoiding any type of contamination:

* Class D or ISO ( pharmaceutical cleanrooms)

* Pressurized SAS

* Purified water

* Controlled temperature and humidity

* Air treatment System

* De-dusting system

* Validated analitycal procedurtes

* Ongoing stability studies

The best team

From plant collection and selection, through quality control and production to the final packaging of the herbal teas in bags, the entire process is performed by highly-qualified, continually trained professionals. Because only the best professionals can guarantee the best herbal teas.