“Our products are guaranteed by the most stringent regulations”

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We surpasss the European regulatory requirements. All Pharmadus products, wether they are regarded as pharmaceutical products or food products, are prepared in compliance with the most demanding European regulations governing the preparation and distribution of plants for their presentation in herbal teabags.

Quality assurance

* Quality Assurance Management system based on European Union GMPs, Good Manufacturing practices, for Medicinal products.

* Authorizacion from the Spanish Agency of Food Safety

* HACCP Self-inspection System, required for the food industry.

* Guarantee of traceability

Internationally certified processes

* New European regulation on medicinal plants in herbal teas

* Registration with European Medicines Agency and Food Safety Agency

* ISO 9001-200 quality management standard

* USDA-NOP organic certificate

* NOP Ecological certification

Guarantee traceability

As required by European safety and quality standards, the traceabiliity of all batches of Pharmadus herbal teas is guaranteed so as to know and monitor the life circly of each product accurately

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Pharmadus implements totally environmentally-friendly and sustainable procceses