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HELPS MENOPAUSE is a special combination of plants that helps control the excessive sweating, irritability and hot flushes, which are characteristic of certain female conditions (menstruation, menopause…). Feel more like yourself again.


Sage. (Salvia officinalis L.)

According to the ESCOP and the E Commission of the German Ministry of Health, preparations from sage leaves are mainly taken orally in cases of excessive sweating. In addition, the E Commission envisages its oral use in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders.

Lemon balm. (Melissa oficinalis L.)

According to the ESCOP, lemon balm is suitable for treating tension, anxiety and irritability. The EMEA recognizes the traditional use of lemon balm for relieving mild symptoms of mental stress and for aiding sleep. It is also used in the symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders, such as mild spasms.

Alfalfa. (Medicago sativa L.)

It has been traditionally used for anaemia due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and in convalescence. Some studies have been conducted that support its phytoestrogenic action (treatment of the symptoms associated to menstruation and menopause).


Drink three herbal teas per day.